29 December, 2020

In the Morphology course at Buenos Aires University, creative works are developed exploring the personal universes of creators. In parallel, artists from different disciplines exhibit works from the past, emphasizing creative processes and the meaning of "the hidden" and its resonances in our current societies. The documentary reflects on the possibilities that art has, not only to explore wounds from the past, but also to transcend social pursuits for the future.


Runtime: 70 min
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 10-12-19

Script and Direction: Miguel Baratta
Photography: Aylén López
Art direction: Cecilia Bruck
Montage: Miguel Baratta
Sound: Carlos Olmedo – Maria Luz Morera – Francisco Buduba
Original music: Marcelo Moguilevsky
Production: Carolina M. Fernández – Jorge Leandro Colás
Production Company: Salamanca Cine

Horacio Wainhaus
Marco Bufano
Juan Travnik
Eduardo Gil
Diana Wang
Víctor Basterra

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