Pool sweeper


Pool sweeper

13 February, 2018

Tavo is a pool boy in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. His annoying, boring summer days, cleaning pools in wealthy houses, are interrupted by an offer from Catfish and his gang. In exchange for money, he must give them information on the houses he services, so they can easily burglarize them. At first he has his doubts about taking the deal, but they will start to fade away as he sees it as an opportunity to improve his finances and his family life.

Runtime: 76 min
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 25-01-18

Direction: Jorge Leandro Colás
Guión: Jorge Leandro Colás, basado en la novela de Félix Bruzzone
Photography: Leonel Pazos Scioli
Montage: Karina Expósito
Sound: Celeste Contratti – Carlos Olmedo
Production: Carolina M. Fernández – Jorge Leandro Colás
Production Company: Salamanca Cine

Nahuel Viale
Sergio Boris
María Soldi
Claudio Da Passano
Osqui Guzmán
Adrián Fondari

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