Exile from Malvinas


Exile from Malvinas

9 February, 2018

Like the migratory stream of millions of magellanic penguins, biologist Mike Bingham, painter James Peck and professor Alex Betts were forced to leave their place of birth or residence: the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas). Motivated by the prevailing political corruption in the islands, threats and persecution by the colonial government, the three men converge in exile in continental Argentina searching for freedom.


Runtime: 68 min
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 14-04-16

Script and Direction: Federico J. Palma
Photography: Aylén Lopez
Montage: Federico J. Palma
Sound: María Noel Romero – Juan José Suarez
Production: Carolina M. Fernández – Jorge Leandro Colás
Production Company: Salamanca Cine

Alejandro Betts
James Peck
Mike Bingham

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