Retiro Shelter


Retiro Shelter

4 February, 2018

Retiro Shelter is an institution that houses a varied population of chronic homeless men, young people recently arrived from the provinces, elderly people without families, street people. The film reveals with respect and even humor, a universe where every night the life stories of the occasional inhabitants converge. The ghosts of a painful past, the conflicts of a forced coexistence and the dream to leave depart.


Runtime: 83 min
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 04-06-09

Script and Direction: Jorge Leandro Colás
Photography: Gabriel González Carreño
Montage: Montage:
Sound: Carlos Olmedo – Pablo Demarco – Lena Esquenazi
Producer: Carolina M. Fernández
Production Company: Salamanca Cine – Cine Ojo

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