The football boys


The football boys

10 February, 2018

The talent scouts for Boca Juniors football team tour the lesser-known clubs and football fields to discover the future stars of Argentine football. The film depicts the year long task of this experienced and peculiar team of recruiters who, with a sharp eye and street smarts, try out over 40 000 boys, looking for the dribblers, the daring, those who stand out from the crowd


Runtime: 78 min
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 01-09-16

Script and Direction: Jorge Leandro Colás
Photography: Martín Larrea
Montage: Karina Expósito
Sound: Carlos Olmedo – Pablo Demarco – María Noel Romero
Production: Carolina M. Fernández – Jorge Leandro Colás
Production Company: Salamanca Cine

Horacio García
Norberto Madurga
Hugo Perotti
Ramón Maddoni
Diego Mazzilli

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